Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I love spring! I think I have enjoyed my morning exercise outside more this year than any other I remember. The smell of the flowers, the blooms in the trees, the wet grass... This time of year so much reminds me of how much I have to be grateful for, I really do. I've had a rough last few weeks, but spring is here! The brightness of spring after a long winter- reminds me of one of my favorite talks given by one of our church's leaders-- check it out, if you're interested:

A beautiful youtube video based on the talk

The talk itself

We have two bits of exciting news to share with those of you who don't know:

1- John was told by his advisor that he should be prepared to defend his dissertation in October. In retrospect, I can't believe we've been here in Maryland for 5 years now!

2- October looks to be a very busy month for us, as we are also expecting baby #4 at the beginning of October. We're excited, but a little unsure of the timing of all of this! :)

I've had a bit of a rough pregnancy this time around- in fact this one rivals my first pregnancy. I'm just glad to be feeling well enough to drink water again, and well enough to feed my kids without running to the bathroom whenever they needed to eat. I think John deserves a gold medal for all he's had to put up with the last three months. How many times did he come home to find me laying on the couch (whoever called it 'morning sickness' had it SO wrong- what about ALL DAY sickness?), completely unable to even THINK about dinner?? John's been so great- he's made dinner on many occasions, even after his long days at school, and he hasn't even complained about it! As a side note, the kids have been really good too.They've really tried to be so helpful! I am so lucky to have such a supportive family.

Now, we are looking forward to Adam's spring break next week- planning a short weekend camping trip, and trying to come up with some fun activities.

So, I guess an update on everyone in Swensen house:

John- keeping busy with getting papers finished for his tentative October finish date. He's busy with his responsibility in the church as the Scoutmaster, not to mention all his recent added responsibilities of late around the house. He recently finished his Iphone game- 'Found It,' and enjoys keeping up on how his game is doing. He's been playing basketball a little bit with some guys at the church.

Adam- loves kindergarten, and that's what takes up the majority of his time! When he's home, he likes to play computer games (like father, like son), play with his brothers, draw, and read. He's gotten to be a really good reader, and seems to read more and more words. It surprises me how fast kids pick it up once they start! He just started playing t-ball again, and seems to like being one of the more 'experienced' players on the team this year.

Jacob- creative and imaginative as ever. He's very much less rigid personality-wise than Adam, and is in his own little world. He is technically old enough for kindergarten this next fall, but we are debating whether or not to send him. We're not sure he's ready yet, but he is excited about the prospect. We registered him for school this past Friday, and I think a perfect example of Jacob's personality was when we sat down with the assistant principal to do the 'pre-screening' tests. On a sheet of paper, there was box with a circle, a box with a square, and a box with a triangle. Under these boxes were empty boxes where the kids were supposed to draw- a circle, a square and a triangle. Well, so the first one, Jacob drew a very crude circle, but it resembled a circle. The square- he just drew a scribble. Then, for the box that was supposed to draw a triangle- he started to draw something, and I said, "Jacob, you're supposed to draw a triangle."- to which Jacob responded- "But I don't want to draw a triangle- I want to draw a t-rex." I worry that school may not be easy for him, not because he's not smart enough, but because he gets bored, and wants to do something different. Any advice from parents who may have similar children?? Jacob is also playing t-ball this year- his first time doing this. He seems to enjoy it so far.

Aaron- talkative and playful. He's a fun, energetic and happy kid, and loves to do everything his brothers do. He surprises us every day with something new he's learned to say from his brothers. He loves taking baths, eating fruit and sweets, and loves to be outside. His favorite toys include trains, cars, and balls. He's an independent kid- and wants to do everything by himself. I wish he would potty train himself!!

I have been keeping busy trying to help in Adam's class at school, doing a preschool swap for Jacob with 2 other moms, and just keeping up with three kids. I still enjoy cooking, and any new cooking adventure, though that has been halted for the last couple of months... I enjoy being a mom, and being able to be home with my kids. It's not always easy to do, but I still love it.

Here are some favorite recent photos:



This was Halloween 2010.


One of the boys' favorite activities- horse rides from Daddy.


Another favorite activity: tickling and wrestling with Daddy.


Jacob sitting on Santa's lap. He kept asking Santa where his sleigh was- when told it was outside, he insisted on looking out the window or going outside so he could see it...


Aaron inside a spinning turtle at the Baltimore Zoo.


The boys eating ice cream cones-- don't they look so happy? It doesn't take much- just a little ice cream!


This is Aaron, and yes, he's actually asleep like this- standing against the couch. Must've really worn him out at church today!


This is Jacob with his very best friend - her name is Brooklynn. Isn't she cute?



This is Aaron and Jacob at an inflatable play gym. This is an awesome place to take the kids!


Aaron after drinking his Italian water ice- he couldn't wait to get home to get a spoon! Red might not be the best choice next time- he had a pink nose for a few days!


The boys at the B&O Railroad Museum...


The boys enjoying a single Fruit Loop necklace. So cute-- I love that they're happily sharing!

Happy spring to all of our friends and family!!


  1. So awesome to catch up with you guys! I should call more. I hope you start feeling better, better real soon! Love to you. I know you are a 'boy' mom just like me but I do hope you get your girl. Mine has been a blessing I wouldn't have guessed.

  2. Congratulations on the newest pregnancy. Very exciting!!!!! Hope you begin feeling better soon...eating small amounts of protein often may be helpful. :)
    It was great to hear how your family is doing! I can't believe it has been 5 years. You have a beautiful family!!

    Take Care,
    S. Galloway